dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Why Timeless ?

The furniture that I create obviously have a contemporary spirit . But when you talk about contemporary furniture , then everything looks alike . Just browse the many decorating magazines , and you realize there are trends , largely fueled by the industry players . And if the designers' creations are often beautiful , they rarely leave the beaten track business requires.
I am not inspired by "contemporary" design , the one from design editors , which does not mean that there can never be some common point .
When an object follows the fashion of the moment , it pleases the greatest number of course , but it also has many chances to be quickly outdated . To eventually make a comeback later , but I doubt that the current (over)production follows the same path as Art Deco or the creations of Charlotte Perriand .
This is why I call my furniture Timeless, because they are original pieces that do not follow fashion. I'm just trying to make it beautiful , and I hope to get there from time to time .

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