dimanche 20 avril 2014

About exotic wood ...

It is not politically correct to use exotic wood in these times of "green" marketing.
And, yes, it is important to protect rainforests.

But it is obviously not the few thousands of artisans in the world , cabinetmakers or wood turners , who are responsible for deforestation.
Indeed, the trees are mostly cut in order to free the land on which will be planted soybeans that will feed our cattle, or palm oil for our biscuits.
I know it will make some scream , but somehow exotic wood I use is a bit like recycled wood , because it is cut anyway. And once cut , isn't it better to make beautiful things, rather than to burn it on site ?

Of course, I only buy certified wood , legally imported . But to protect primary forests, this is our lifestyles we must change, and the industrial sectors of multinational corporations that need to reform.